medical animation studio | medical animationGreat visual storytelling happens when the spoken story and visuals work together.

For producers of factual programing this can be a challenge. In many cases, the event (the story) has already happened and there is little existing video, and little to shoot. The idea of adding CGI to these “holes” in the story, is often outweighed by fears of budget, and the unknown.

What will the 3d scene look like when its done? Will it compliment the story?

Making up for that impossible-to-shoot segment by hiring a 3d animation studio is a smart move, as long as you know who to hire and how to manage the process. It begins by hiring true 3d artists, rather than technically proficient software programmers, or roving daily hires.

How do you tell the difference?

There are plenty of tech-geeks, many working in post production houses, that can push buttons and build a scene with moving elements. A 3d artist plans more deeply, developing work that flows beautifully with the script. They plan the movement of objects within the scene, as well as the virtual camera moves and pauses throughout the scene, to highlight what’s in the spoken narration.

If the 3d artists or studio you are working with requests a narrated track, you’ll know that they’re planning ahead and thinking about more than making it “look cool.”

The perfect marriage between the narrated story and the visuals will be the end result.

Animation Studio or Post House?

TMBA is the animation studio in New York City for television producers. The studio is dedicated to creating complex and detailed animations for television producers, on time and within a production budget.

We are not a production company or post house that uses 3D animation, 2D animation or compositing as a “come on” to entice producers so we can charge high end post production costs and inflated hourly fees for graphic services.

We are not editors learning animation while we work on your project, or a tape house that hires recent graduates to create low quality over priced graphics for your show.

We are highly trained and highly experienced 3D animators with more than a decade of experience creating animations for network and cable television productions.

Our studio exists to create 3d animations for your production.

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